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Credentialing of senior medical staff is an increasingly complex task. Poor governance of credentialing creates major risks for a healthcare organisation, including failure of accreditation, reputational damage and the possibility of Governing Board members being held liable for breaches in the event of major governance failures.


Smaller hospitals may be at more risk of engaging doctors with problematic backgrounds or performance and hospitals that rely extensively on agency and other locums often lack a single source of truth. Whilst a software solution greatly improves the process, it requires specialised knowledge to administer. This task often devolves to a clerical officer who does not have a clear understanding of the credentialing process and its role in clinical governance.


For those hospitals without an electronic credentialing system, the capital cost of acquisition, the required IT implementation project and the training of a credentialing officer may be barriers to uptake.



CredMed is an offsite, Australian based and owned Credentialing Bureau, providing an expert credentialing team, 52 weeks per year. It is Cloud based, with no hospital IT implementation or application management required. The CredMed Bureau solution is a centrally held site-specific secure data repository, controlled by your DMS/CMO with doctor-specific confidential documents and correspondence. It contains your site-specific referee reports and scope of practice and clinical privileges. Governance oversight of the Bureau is conducted by an experienced Medical Healthcare Executive.


Our Bureau provides a standardised suite of credentialing requirements: real time AHPRA checks; immunisation records; Police and Working with Children checks; local provider numbers; site specific, structured reference checks and the ability to process urgent or emergency credentialing.


We create the agenda for your Medical Credentialing Committee and together with notification and management of re-credentialing applications, you will receive real time access to senior medical staff email distribution lists and contact details with the scope of practice for the relevant staff.


Our unique credentialing solution also has the potential to integrate with Patient Administration Systems (PAS), EMR and Learning Management Systems.


Credentialing, Scope of Practice and Hospital Bylaws
A well functioning credentialing process, which provides robust governance of the medical staff and also functions as a single source of truth around the capabilities and contact details of the medical staff is a critical requirement for high functioning healthcare services.

The complexity of this process has increased in recent years. Some hospitals have struggled to keep pace with the requirements of the National and State frameworks. Integration with HR recruitment and appointment processes is often poor. IT systems may not be properly configured to match local work flows.

Simon Woods has extensive experience in this field. He has redesigned and streamlined credentialing systems at multiple hospitals. He has written bylaws, medical staff rules and procedures to support this function. He can help you integrate your HR and credentialing processes and ensure you are obtaining value out of your systems.

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