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Where concerns exist around the safety of a specific service or department, we can assist with a formal safety systems review.

Using a combination of data analysis, cognitive interviewing and direct observation, we can provide a report on the current status of the service, with recommendations to improve areas of identified weakness.


Our team can assist your healthcare service with clinical incident reviews, using root cause analysis (RCA), London Protocol or Accimap methodology. If your service is required to undertake a review of a Sentinel Event, but have limited experience in this, we can guide you through the process, chair the RCA and assist you with access to subject matter experts in the relevant clinical field.

We can assist in the development of robust timelines, cause and effect charts and ensure that recommendations are strong and actionable.


If your clinical data suggests your service is an outlier in a particular clinical service line, we can assist by providing a robust analysis of your data, using structured case reviews, supported by clinical experts in the relevant disciplines.

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We can assess your clinical governance systems against the National Model Clinical Governance Framework and the Safer Care Victoria Clinical Governance Framework and make pragmatic recommendations for improvement.



Credentialing, Scope of Practice and Hospital Bylaws
A well functioning credentialing process, which provides robust governance of the medical staff and also functions as a single source of truth around the capabilities and contact details of the medical staff is a critical requirement for high functioning healthcare services.
The complexity of this process has increased in recent years. Some hospitals have struggled to keep pace with the requirements of the National and State frameworks. Integration with HR recruitment and appointment processes is often poor. IT systems may not be properly configured to match local work flows.
Simon Woods has had extensive experience in this field. He has redesigned the credentialing
process at multiple hospitals and written bylaws to support the process. He can assist your hospital in choosing an appropriate IT system and obtaining maximum benefit from it.

Private practice agreements, special purpose funds and medical contracts
Throughout Australia, public hospitals are identifying problems in relation to the private practice agreements and supporting arrangements for their senior medical staff. Over the years, these have developed in an organic way and may no longer be compliant with the various regulations governing private practice in public hospitals. Specialist outpatient clinics accessing MBS funding and inpatient billing arrangements create risks for both the hospital and its medical staff, if not properly structured. Simon can assist you in assessing your current agreements and provide guidance on how to ensure compliance going forward.



Many systems in healthcare have evolved organically over time, with little planning. Inefficiencies and poor productivity are common. Staff are often frustrated, but lack the tools to improve the way things are done. Multiple workarounds are created. The patient experience is often poor and the costs high.


Process mapping and redesign using Design Thinking and/or Lean methodologies, can provide significant improvements with benefit to all stakeholders.


We have experience in clinical redesign, in areas such as patient bookings and admissions, preadmission clinic processes, CSSD, maternity services and medical credentialing. We have experienced clinicians and hospital managers, who can guide and support your frontline staff or project team to create improvement.

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