Healthcare Consulting Network, is a Melbourne based group of experienced healthcare experts, who possess specialist knowledge about many aspects of healthcare provision. The group is led by Dr Simon Woods, who has extensive experience in clinical care, as well as hospital management, across both the public and private sectors.


The group can offer a range of services from clinical incident analysis, through to process redesign and business case development.  In addition to the core group of experts, we have access to specialists from many areas in public and private healthcare.


We can tailor a project to your specific needs, from assisting with a clinical incident investigation, through to a major review of a clinical service.

Clinical Governance Team


We have a team of clinicians and consumers, who are all skilled and experienced in the processes of incident investigation and safety systems review. All of our team has been trained in the methodologies used by Safer Care Victoria, including human factors training and cognitive interviewing.


Our focus is on conducting investigations and reviews, which are framed in the context of Just Culture and seek system solutions.

Healthcare Consulting Network Pty Ltd